Opening the Mind to Awareness!

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Awareness is opening your mind to new realms of spirituality.
There are many paths of spirituality and all allow us to become Aware.
The mind when we are young is open to new ideas and we play to learn carefully.
This care that children take with all they do aids awareness.
We are born perfect, aware of mind, body and spirit! During our lives for many reasons we can become closed off to the power of the mind.
We need to return to innocence to find ourselves once more! We are all the Earth's children and if you can begin to believe in Her then She will help you to return to innocence.
We each have an "Inner Child" aspect needing to break free of restraints of adulthood and play again! The "Inner Child" aspect is alike the "Dreamer of your Life"! Within each of us there is a dream of our lives that lives on to this day remembering the innocence of childhood.
You find around children your "Inner Child" may shine at times when you are at play with them.
WE all know of Fathers playing with their son's toys!!! Or Mothers having the pleasure of making fairy cakes again! Let your innocence shine and be your whole self once more at every opportunity.
You will find your Awareness growing in ways you had forgotten about! Meditation is also a key to Awareness.
By reaching deep within to the inner mind and allowing the heavens to bring you gifts of peace and love, we are filtering through the drudgery of the day and reaching to the light! This opens the mind to greater worlds where we find enhanced Awareness.
Just again like children who are naturally calm and of peace we are able to reach deep within our souls and find inner stillness.
This awareness can lead to enlightenment and revelation! Walking in nature is a good way to become "Aware" of your natural surroundings.
Taking the time to appreciate Mother Earth in all Her glory is beautiful for the mind, body and spirit.
Opening the Mind, Healing the Body and Enhancing the Spirit! The beauty of nature feeds the mind with the colour GREEN, this opens the Heart Chakra and allows us to find harmony in our lives.
Lighting a candle and focussing on the flame while praying to the heavens in your own sweet way allows us to become more at one with ourselves.
There is nothing like the flicker of a candle flame to enhance the senses! Candles with the addition of incense are even more powerful as this works on two levels.
The flame lights our path to prayer and the incense allows the prayers to rise to the heavens.
Music is another way of finding Awareness.
New Age music is beautiful to listen to and allows us to meditate on the harmonics of the heavens! There are many different genres of music and all have Awareness as music itself is being in harmony with the rhythmn of the Universe.
Whatever your chosen path of musical taste, listen to music with a heart to know thyself fully.
Listen to the words, listen to the beats, Dance, Be Merry and Have fun! Painting and drawing can enhance Awareness.
By allowing yourself to be immersed completely in your painting or drawing and calling upon your heart you can visualise your feelings on paper.
It is wondrous to just allow yourself to flow and whatever comes out is good.
Let your heart speak and you will find a beautiful picture emerging.
Look at what you have painted with an open mind and allow yourself to become aware of what your heart is saying to you.
As you become Aware of life around you and within your mind you are able to make changes to your life to keep you in harmony with the heavens.
Awareness teaches you the best path ahead and allows you to keep to that path.
May your path to awareness be easy and may you find many blessings of life! Blessed Be!

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