Becoming Empowered - Tough Times, Tough People

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Have you found that listening to the news leaves you fearful and depressed? Does it leave you feeling unsettled, doubting your abilities, and the future? It does not need to be that way.
You can also use it as an opportunity to become empowered, think for yourself, gather information, connect with others, and act to find a solution that works for you.
When times are tough, some businesses and relationships fail; others take it as a challenge and continue to flourish and thrive.
What makes the difference? I believe it is a matter of mindset.
Some people are resilient.
They can handle adversity well and use it to expand their options.
Others often become overwhelmed with fear.
When you are in fear, it limits your options.
Here are three tips for maintaining a more positive view.
Maintain a broad perspective.
People who are resilient honor their strengths, look for the greater good, and remain positive.
When you honor your higher intentions and strengths, you become more aligned with your spiritual resources.
Then you are not as reactive to the immediate circumstances.
By taking a broader perspective you can also build upon the current situation by transforming it into an invaluable experience from which you can learn, grow, and share with others.
No shame and blame.
If a problem arises, it may not be your fault.
Research shows that those who see adverse events as resulting from a number factors, and who do not overly blame themselves or others, are more likely to see the adversity as temporary.
For example, the economic crunch is a problem of both individual spending and government policy.
This increases optimism for taking action.
Discover your sources of community.
We are all in this together.
The combined concerted action of a small group in pursuing a common goal is empowering, even if it results from only the support of one person.
A shared focus on using individual strengths in the service of the common good brings great personal gratification for everyone involved.
It gives you the support and faith for finding a solution to the problem.
Everyone has strengths.
Discovering these strengths helps us stay on a more resilient track.
Become inspired by discovering the strengths of yourself and others.
Copyright 2008 Alice Vlietstra, Ph.

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