Leadership is Not About Position

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Throughout my corporate career, I have worked with a lot of people that assumed that once they achieved a certain position it automatically symbolized true leadership because of a new title.
Many people get a new title and assume they command respect just because of what their position is called.
Just a quick news flash...
Leadership is not about position, it's about action, inspiration, motivation, and passion that is instilled within your team because of the environment that you create for them.
They complete tasks because they need to be done, versus doing it only when told.
I once asked a VP, "How do you know if your team is following you? Do they believe in you? Will they follow you anywhere, opposed to following you because they have to? If you are leading from the front, are you comfortable enough to not have to turn around to see if they are still there to support you? Do you need to walk backwards so you can ensure your team is following you? Answer a few questions: Have you ever experienced a person in a senior role that kept reminding you about their new title? Did they express order the new business cards to show everyone their new title? Did the new title change their behavior in a way that demonstrated a level of arrogance? Why do titles change people so much? It is unfortunate that some of these people have such low levels of self-awareness that they can't look out the window to see their team, because they are always looking in the mirror admiring themselves.
You can be a leader without the big title.
It's about time that some of the senior management learned that if they are the smartest person on their team, then they need a new team.
Always upgrade the talent on your team.
I have worked with a few leaders that had the position and demonstrated through leadership that they were the right fit for the role.
They were a leader before the title, and they were able to stay grounded.
If you are fortunate to find a leader that has a senior position, and they are truly a leader and not a bully with a big stick, let them know you appreciate them for being who and what they are.
If you have that person with the title without the real leadership skills, there is hope for you.
I have been in this situation most of my career and it can be managed.
It takes self control and self management of your own career.
It would be helpful to find a mentor or coach to help you as you transition away from the wannabe leader with the big title.
These types of people are cancerous to an organization because when you look at the statistic of 80% of people leave their managers, not the organization, Houston we have a problem.
Some managers just never make the transition to being a leader, and that is why when you see someone who is more worried about the title, beware.

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