Missing In Action

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"We lost our dear loved one the other day; he was eighty seven years old and had a full and rich life.
" I had to pause mentally for a moment when a friend shared this thought during a conversation.
Her emotion expressed a state of remorse with shadows of hopelessness.
I acknowledged sincere condolences and with a whispered tone shared feelings that "he is enjoying peace and happiness now".
My friend continued to share the details of the funeral arrangements and how "he would have wanted it this way".
Once again I paused, but without verbally sharing my thought, I begin to wonder how my friend's apparent thoughts were of the past tense.
It was as though the loved one is 'missing in action' and never to be seen again.
For centuries, the media utilized the phrase 'missing in action' during the trials of disagreements between countries.
A definition that is described as a loved one currently missing physically, but filled with hope and faith that the loved one will be found and brought home.
The reasons for such trials are never fully understood, and the heartbreak for the missing is devastating.
As time continues, faith and hope is replaced with sadness and a sense that the loved one will no longer be found.
The heart becomes filled with grief of life itself, and the pondering of reasons for such trials.
Words cannot describe the feelings.
I can recall a particular trial of disagreement between countries whereby the term 'missing in action' was a daily phrase.
Each day the media would announce the casualties along with those 'missing in action'.
With each announcement, the viewers would feel a bit more sadness.
As the time of this trial continued down a long path, even the media members themselves began to show signs of empty hope and faith.
Just as the cold hollows of despair began to replace the hope and faith within, an experience never to be forgotten took place.
Action took place and a few of the missing came home.
I begin to think about my friend's thoughts, and how it is a common earthly emotion to wonder if it will be the last time to feel the embrace of a loved one who has moved on.
How we enter into our vocabulary words of past tense; such as had a full life and would have wanted it this way.
The sudden loss soon creates the hollows of despair but still includes the feint shadows of faith and hope within.
My personal experiences have continued to share within that life is eternally filled with the riches of happiness and peace in which we in our earthly plan cannot comprehend.
Loved ones who have moved on continue to guide and protect, for this is how they would want it to be.
They truly understand our sadness for missing them, as it is simply due to how much they are truly loved.
Loved ones who have moved on are not truly missing...
They are still in action around us is guidance and love.

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