Self Esteem - Improve Yours With These Simple Steps - Part 1

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Improving your self esteem is crucial to your health and happiness.
Do you know someone who is always happy and wish that you could be like them? People who are happiest are really those who treat themselves with love and kindness; people who do not waste time judging others.
The good news is you can be one of those people; you can be one of those happy people if you work on your self esteem.
Improve your self esteem with effort and time, and you will have a healthy self image and a happier life.
Take the time to follow these steps and be healthy, happy and be YOU.
Make a Choice Life is about making choices and decisions.
When we are little, our choices were limited primarily by our parent's beliefs and guidelines.
Our own choices consisted of waking in the morning and deciding on our plans for the day.
But even with our parent's criteria, we still had choices and decisions to make - obey or disobey, listen or not listen, study or not study, behave or misbehave.
We controlled our life and our future by making these decisions.
Our self esteem improved or declined depending on our actions and other people's reactions and terminology.
We take their word as gospel.
As we get older, we have more people around us, each with their own beliefs and guidelines.
We still have people who are 'in charge'; bosses etc, but we also have the freedom to make choices about whether other people are right or wrong, in regards to their opinions about us and the words they use.
We improve our self esteem by discovering what we are good at; our gifts and talents emerge and we can play to our strengths and weaknesses.
We make the choice to expand on our skill set, to improve our natural talents.
It's not luck, it's choice.
So we can then choice to become who we want to be - it is all in our control, via our decisions and choices.
Give Yourself an Evaluation Make a list of all the things you like and dislike about you.
Be honest with yourself.
Once you know what your good points are, you can make a decision to increase them, or add more of the same into your everyday life.
Take time to really appreciate your positive attributes - being proud of yourself will do wonders for improving your self esteem.
So what about the stuff you don't like about you? Work on a plan that will help either delete the negative entirely or a way to move the negative things over to the positive list.
Take the time to regularly remind yourself of your positive qualities.
The more you remind yourself, the more your esteem will improve - after all, you are what you think! However, it is important to remember that this works the other way to.
If you keep telling yourself you are the negative attributes - you will just be reinforcing the negative - so stop focusing on them!!

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