Winning is the Only Option!

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"Winning is the only option! Believe that you cannot do anything but win.
And you will win 90% of the time.
The other 10% does not matter.
Just make sure you are not winning only 10% and losing 90%.
That makes failure your compass, and that leads nowhere.
" Today's Tips: How to Become a Winning Person! 1.
The strongest personality always wins.
Develop your charisma.
Be bold and confident.
Excitement: Your excitement with your team and every single lead is contagious.
Remember, a mediocre idea that generates enthusiasm is better than a great idea that does not! 3.
Think less, get into motion more.
Action creates motivation.
Don't take no for an answer! You have to connect with people to win them over.
Feel, felt, found is always a great way to handle it.
I know how you feel.
I felt the same way.
What I found is...
Claim and talk about your goal.
They will believe you and rise to the occasion.
If you act unsure, they won't believe you have made the decision.
The decision is everything.
Draw a line in the sand and step across! No going back.
Realize it takes 6 months to make a Quantum leap in your business.
Work consistently for 6 months.
Say to yourself: "I am working now for my quantum leap in 6 months! I will not question or doubt, but just do my work every day! It's happening already even if I can't see it!" Run as hard as you can! Winning and losing is all in your head.
Your choice! Make the quantum leap by March by working 100% focused for the next 6 months, go for the gold, claim it, manifest it, tell your loved ones about it, and know beyond a shadow of a doubt that it's on its way today!

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