Insights on Abundance - How to Connect With Abundance When You Don"t Know What to Do Next

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Sometimes, life serves up circumstances that you just don't know how to deal with.
You sit there asking yourself "What do I do now?" or "What do I do next?" But nothing comes to you.
You don't feel motivated by anything and you're certainly not inspired either.
If you're like most people, well-trained by society to take action in the face of any challenge, this can be VERY upsetting.
You sit there (in your mind) wanting to DO something, but you don't know what.
This tendency to want to apply action to every challenge and uncertainty is an unfortunate cultural conditioning and just continues to spiral you into confusion and, at times, fear when facing such uncertainty.
This is actually a wonderfully fertile time to JUST BE.
It's actually a calling for you to just be and allow things to unfold.
Quite often it's about your body or outer life catching up with the changes you've been going through internally.
Here are a few tried and true actions you can take that not only feel great, but help you through the uncertainty while maintaining your connection to Abundance! 1.
Take a pleasure break.
This really can look however you want it to.
Perhaps it's a hike in the forest or a walk along the beach.
Maybe it's a game of cards or watching your favorite inspiring or heartfelt movie.
Make and take this time for you -- you deserve it! 2.
Make a list of positive things you're experiencing.
Not as easy as taking a break, but very valuable.
This tool is about sinking into appreciation for what is happening right now.
Yes, even the hardest pressed person can find something to appreciate in a confusing or uncertain situation.
Work yourself into a near frenzy of appreciation and I guarantee you'll feel abundant -- really fast.
A lot of people are afraid to meditate.
But when you do, it serves one very powerful purpose -- to quiet the mind.
See, when you quiet the mind, you can hear your intuition much better.
Not to mention you cultivate a huge dose of serenity, which is always in short order during stressful "can't decide anything" times.
Go on an Abundance Field Trip.
This is a tool I teach when people want a boost of Abundance.
When you take an Abundance Field Trip you are intentionally immersing yourself in easy to see evidence of Abundance.
It's quite fun! 5.
Remind yourself that everything is unfolding perfectly.
Yes, I know this is easier said than done.
But you owe it to yourself to offer this reminder.
The reality is, your life unfolds pretty darn well even when you don't know what to do.
Getting in there to "fix it", "solve it" or otherwise "make it better" can actually cause more trouble than it's worth.
The point of these tips is to get you out of your small thinking about the situation -- your busy monkey mind -- and to focus your attention on something more Abundant or Appreciative.
Try it.
It really works!

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