Looking for More Inside of You?

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You know there is more for you or you would not be here reading this right now.
To access the more inside of you it is important to center yourself and invigorate your soul.
(*Note I am not actually interchanging the terms soul and spirit here, but that topic is a whole other article.
) So, just how do you do that? You may be asking, "Just how do I rejuvenate my spirit?" or "Um, how do I connect with my Spirit to begin with?" This article will give you an overview of different methods which can help you.
Here are 10 ways to access the infinite energy, possibilities, ideas, and relaxation that is offered to all of us if we know how to open the door.
Yoga You will gain flexibility throughout your body and the more flexible you are physically the more flexible you will become emotionally and spiritually.
Energy will flow more freely through your body.
You will gain muscle tone not only in the obvious muscles that we all seem to enjoy seeing toned, but in your organs as well.
Your lungs will thank you along with your brain and every other organ as you breathe deeper and bring more oxygen into your body.
Yoga also increases the blood flow, which helps flush toxins from the body.
Meditation You do not have to sit in the traditional cross-legged sitting position to meditate.
In fact, yoga is considered a form of meditation by some.
Others find a walk in nature to be a form of meditation.
I have found that when I do meridian tapping that I have a similar sensation as when I meditate.
You are likely to find an increase in your energy levels, an increase in your ability to focus and concentrate, a release of tension in your body and a sense of peace.
Deep breathing during meditation increases the oxygen supply just as yoga does.
It also helps relax you and may lower your heart rate.
You can develop your intuition as you continue to practice meditation and as you begin to uncover the connection to God, the Divine, Spirit, the Universe, or whatever or whoever you want to connect with.
You can spend five minutes a day meditating or you can meditate from dawn to dusk.
It really is up to you and what feels right to you.
There is no right or wrong when it comes to meditation.
If you think you would like guided meditation, check out the guided meditation link below.
Spend time in nature Okay, this is a big one! Recent studies have shown that over the last 20 years people throughout the world have decreased their time in nature by 25%! Wow! The more we spend time in nature and are mindful of ALL that is around us the more appreciative we are, the more energy we feel, and the more we care about what happens to not only the people around us, but the World around us.
By spending 10-20 minutes a day outside, even if you can only take a walk down the street, your mood is far more likely to improve and your health will be better.
Being outside offers you breathing room.
You can always see something new.
It may be a squirrel running from one tree to the next or it may be the clouds in the sky.
If you are living in a busy city, you may have to look for a new weed growing up between the cracks in the sidewalk.
Ah, but appreciate the perseverance of that one little weed � 4.
Altruism - helping others Volunteering your time to help others or making a monetary donation to a good cause or donating some of your clothes to an organization that helps fire victims or...
No matter what it is you do that has altruistic value, helping others can lessen depression within you.
It can help connect you to other people who have similar values as yourself and it can help reduce any negative attitudes you may be experiencing.
The body is a beautiful and wondrous mechanism.
Our bodies create feel good hormones or "joybursts" as I like to call them.
When we do things that are for the good of others (human, animal, or planet) our bodies release these endorphins, which give us little bursts of joy and happiness.
Healthy diet I know, I know.
We are bombarded with how we need to eat better.
But, it really is true.
The more junk food and fast food we eat the unhealthier we become.
I am not going to point my finger and tell you how you must change the way you eat.
I just ask you to think about how so many of us take care of our vehicles and our pets.
We take them in for oil changes and tune-ups.
We get our pets their shots regularly and feed them expensive pet food.
Well, okay not everybody buys the best dog food, not everybody takes good care of his/her car.
The point is that if you don't put the right kind of fuel in your car, it simply won't go anywhere anymore.
Think about that the next time you start to eat a big greasy cheeseburger.
I will also say that becoming vegetarian or vegan is not necessary and is most definitely an individual choice.
I am a vegetarian, but it is not for everyone.
Music Ah, one of my most favorite topics and things in the world.
Music pulses through my veins.
Listening to beautiful music - music that reaches in and grabs you can be very moving.
It can inspire you and invigorate you.
Research has been conducted that has shown that music can actually stimulate the brain waves.
It can reduce stress and your breathing and heart rate can change in accordance to the piece you are listening to.
It has even been shown to lower blood pressure and reduce tension.
Personally, if the piece is just right for me at that moment it will give me goose bumps.
That is how I know I need to stop and listen and just feel.
Sometimes a powerful song will bring me to tears - and these are not typically sad tears, but tears of utter joy.
I don't care if you listen to Bach or Ozzy - it is whatever touches you that is important.
Gratitude Show gratitude for things around you.
Start a gratitude journal.
This is a popular thing being suggested right now, but it is being suggested over and over because it works.
Being thankful for experiences, things you have, people you know, the bed you sleep in, the food you eat, etc.
truly can bring you more things to be thankful for.
Put attention and energy into what you are grateful for and more positive things will begin to show up in your daily life.
That is how Divine energy works.
Being present with those around you When you are with your family really be with your family.
Turn off the television and listen to your partner.
Put the iPod and cell phones away during dinner and make a rule there is to be no texting at dinner.
This is a great time to go around the table and have everyone come up with at least one thing he/she was grateful for during the day/week - what made you smile.
The most important thing is to pay attention and focus on who you are with.
You may be hanging out in the family room together, but if one is focused on the football game and his/her fantasy football team during commercials and another is absorbed in an online game and another is buried in a book, there is little to no focus on each other.
I am not saying you should completely give up these things, but be sure to spend time together when you can actually "be present" and pay attention to one another.
It makes a difference for you and for all.
Being mindful of the language you choose to use This is not about saying, "Damn it.
" Or "What the Hell?" This is about changing from talking negatively to finding the positive.
Let's say you have spaghetti for dinner and you really don't like it.
Instead of saying, "Just great! We are having this again.
I hate spaghetti!" you could say something like, "Spaghetti isn't my favorite, but I really love the garlic bread.
" When it comes to talking to others you can change your words and your tone.
In years past the salutation "Dear John," in a letter was common.
Now we often drop the "dear" and if we use it, is there really any feeling behind it? As I have grown and changed I have found that when I write something to my friends I put feeling behind those words such as, "My dear friend Anthony.
" My partner and I have changed how we speak to each other as well.
When we say "honey" or "sweetheart" we have brought the emotion back and attached it to the words.
The difference is palpable.
Meridian tapping Our bodies have meridian lines.
They actually have free-flowing liquid that moves throughout the body.
There are over 500 points that can be used via acupuncture or tapping (no needles) to help release physical tension and distress and emotional distress.
A few major points have been identified that can make a major difference in your life.
To learn more about meridian tapping check out The Tapping Solution link below.
I use it almost every day.
I have been amazed at the healing that has occurred for me.

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