Get High Legally - Overcome your Fear of Flying

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The fear of flying feels like an unconquerable threat to those who have this condition. Often tagged as claustrophobia, aerophobia or aviophobia, the symptoms of extreme anxiety, lack of air and panic attacks are vividly real. Hypnosis is a way to overcome this fear by replacing an irrational fear with rational thoughts. You will be able to pack those fears away as unimportant and enjoy your plane ride with confidence by letting your subconscious lead the way in a more productive manner.

Why the Fear?

An astounding fact is revealed when you face your fear of flying. The plane is not threatening, the sky is not in a dangerous state but you cannot control this overwhelming anxiety, just the same. It has been discovered that not being in control of the situation attributes to this fear and not the ride itself. Having to rely on others for your safety and well-being is the ultimate reason for the heart to begin racing and anxiety and restlessness to set in.

The reason why many phobias manifest is due to allowing the subconscious to create an irrational fear where none exists. Hypnosis is a non-invasive method of helping the mind become focused on a more challenging or relaxed scenario instead of the phobia that is foremost. These types of situations occur every day but most are insignificant in the greater scheme of our thoughts, therefore, never expanding into a phobia.

How to Eliminate the Fear of Flying

Think of something unpleasant that occupies your mind whenever you are faced with it. For example, you may have to walk to the bus stop and pass a house where a mean dog is fenced in. As you approach the fence, your mind begins to focus on what would happen if this beast suddenly broke loose. Fear begins to overwhelm you and you hurry past the property. One morning, however, you are preoccupied with a date at the end of the day and as you arrive at the bus stop, you don't even recall walking past the dog. You have just experienced how increasing your suggestibility and concentration on more appealing thoughts can place your fear solidly in the back of your mind.

Hypnosis often uses repetition as a means of bringing forth thoughts that overcome the initial fear that is not worth your time. Instead of seeing a plane and waiting for the phobia to begin, you will be able to replace this picture with a pleasing song, the sights of the city you are to visit or any other host of pictures that your mind can create. Repeating these scenarios will soon replace the irrational with more positive thoughts.

Used as a tool for overcoming fear, hypnosis can help you lead a more balanced and secure life by not fretting over problems that cannot be solved. Not only can you overcome your fear of flying but you can actually learn to enjoy the trip. Hypnosis, performed by a trained professional, can help you conquer many phobias and bad habits that you may be dealing with.

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