A Psychic Asks - Do You Really Know The Meaning Of The Word Faith?

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Do you know the meaning of the word faith? What does the word faith mean to you and in your experiences? Today's Daily Quote is from John Dewey, the American philosopher.
One interesting fact about Mr.
Dewey is that he was a major influence in education reform in the United States.
He believed that nature, art, logic, questioning, ethics and democracy were important things for children to learn.
He taught high school for two years and then decided to go back to school himself.
He got his PhD and became a college professor.
He founded The New School in New York City which was the first progressive school of its kind.
As I'm sure you can imagine, he was considered a dangerous radical by many.
Dewey said the following:
To me faith means not worrying.
I could not agree more! To me, the meaning of the word faith is exactly as John Dewey states it in our daily quote.
Faith means not worrying.
If we are worried, we obviously do not have faith.
If we keep going back and making sure, asking questions, etc.
, we obviously do not have faith.
For example, if we tell our children that we have faith in them and trust them when they go out and then call them every 30 minutes to "check up on them", that teaches them that we actually do not believe in their ability to choose wisely.
It shows them our lack of faith in them.
If we tell our lover that we trust them, and then riffle through their pockets, wallets or purses, we obviously do not have faith in them.
For today, let's think of what the meaning of the word faith is in our own minds, hearts and lives.
Let's actually put our faith in someone today.
You can choose yourself if you want.
Putting our faith in ourselves first is necessary before we can trust anyone else actually.
You can choose your partner, your child, your co-worker, your friend or anyone else.
For us to learn the meaning of the word faith on a practical level, we have to actually allow someone the freedom to prove themselves to us.
We all will, more than likely, have an experience today where we can choose to worry or to ask for a higher power to step on something.
I don't know of one day passing where faith is not required.
The meaning of the word faith, according to John Dewey, is not worrying.
Turn one worry over to the Universe today by saying out loud, "Please take this worry from me.
Please give me faith.
You don't have to believe in any religion, God or being.
You just have to say the words out loud.
Watch what happens.
We are all going to see the meaning of the word faith in our own lives today! Say "YES" to faith.

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