Secret on How To Be Smarter - Be A Student Of Life

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Want to know a secret on how to be smarter in life? It's simple, become a student of life.
I am, a student of life.
To have the mental capacity and liberty to self-educate, and grow through learning is a blessing in disguise.
I believe that to constantly learn is to grow, and to grow is to live and broaden our inner potential.
Everyday, I make it a goal to discover something new, stretch yourself.
Grow, grow, grow.
It doesn't stop.
It doesn't matter what your age is, what social status you've acquired, you always have room to grow.
Growth is a vital ingredient on how to become smarter in life.
Limiting the breadth and depth of your knowledge pool is plain silly.
I study everything that exists, is visible to the eye, and is communicated to our senses.
When looking at photos or visual ads, I study the lighting, model's expressions/poses, color composition.
When listening to a new song, I listen to the entire song first without much analysis.
Then, I replay the song and listen to the song composition: The artists vocal inflection, song layering/ structure, instrument employed, audio tweaks & effects, tempo.
I make it a habit of reading a minimum of 3-5 books monthly.
Not only do I read books, I like to read people during interactions.
Learn about something that's outside your profession or interests.
Pick up a new vocabulary and commit it to memory.
Study the interior designing of a unique or boutique store when you visit one.
When watching a movie, you can watch how films are shot.
Imagine yourself as the director.
When commuting on the metro train, study the passengers on board; the product design and composition of their belongings.
You never know when these tidbits of information will become handy in the future.
Preparation coupled with some luck is what will inch you closer to your dreams and success.
It is extremely rewarding to learn something new every day.
Frankly, that's how to be smarter, and you can start now.
Don't approach this as work, but rather pleasure.
Whet your appetite to learn.
Get that intellectual capital, since that's the root of your financial capital!
One caveat: Just be aware of information overload.
You should be your own informational police.
I am forever a student of life.
The world is my university, and I am forever grateful for having a body as my instrument and tool for the analysis of the world.
That's all for now.
Go ahead, you wanted to know how to be smarter in life, so go and absorb more of the abundance in beauties that life offers.

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