Your Mental and Physical Backbone - Time For an Adjustment

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"Get knowledge of the spine, for this is the requisite for many diseases.
"   Hippocrates 460-377 BC I'm in my chiropractor's office after a 2 year lapse, and revel in the joyfulness of Dr.
Kim as she takes stock of not only my spinal health, but my overall well-being.
Should be Health 101 material, but frankly, this stuff is not taught by most mainstream physicians or anyone else we encounter in the daily scheme of things.
I never realized how important our spinal health was not only to our backs but to many other aspects of organ, brain and cellular optimization.
When we are pinched in our vertebrae, nerves in the vicinity that connect to other parts of our body lack blood flow and stimulation.
Over time the results can be devastating.
Noticing the above quote from Hippocrates in her testimonial notebook, it got me thinking about the correlation with my field of thinking, learning, creativity and the brain.
Seems to me that focus and mental discipline are the mental equivalent of the spine and chiropractic care.
Both are pretty much unrecognized for their far-reaching contributions to our underlying good health and countenance in the world.
The spine is the main structure that holds our physical vehicle and gives it shape, while chiropractic care includes the tweaking and evolutionary development required to maintain good spinal health.
    In the same way, focus gives us a mental backbone or core identity, while skills of mental discipline make sure we get mileage from our focused efforts.
These are topics worth exploring in more depth and giving more credence to.
When we are mentally strong and well conditioned, everything seems to fall into place more productively with less effort.
It is also easier to tell when we are out of whack or off track, putting us in a better position to do something about it before serious damage is done.
  What core areas could you focus on this week that would realign your backbone- the mental or spiritual one that gives you some structure and support on what's important to you? Reassessing your personal and professional values and priorities? A work project? A special relationship? A household chore you've put off  for awhile? A creative project? Time spent alone in nature?   When we shore up our mental and physical backbones, they serve as scaffolding for all connecting nerve centers and related areas of concern.
There is a healthy  flow within the supporting structure, a perfect environment for breeding healthy activity and creativity.
  Anyone for an adjustment?

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