Conquering Your FEAR Through FAITH

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Everyone is afraid of something, whether it be the global economy and economic job outlook, the war on terror, making sure you have enough saved up for your retirement years or your children's education.
The uncertainty of just "surviving" and making it through another day ways heavily on everyone's minds these days.
I really believe the way to conquer your FEAR is through FAITH.
Did you ever think of the letters that comprise and spell the word FAITH? FEAR FUELS FAILURE..
Think about the different letters that spell the word FEAR FAITH : This is the biggest factor in why you will fail in your goals and dreams for yourself and will be paralyzed by your fear.
You have to have the faith in God and yourself to believe that you will overcome your fears so you can be the person that God intends for you can have the faith and belief to accomplish your goals and dreams.
If you have no faith-you are frozen and paralyzed in your fear to do anything at all.
FORGIVE : Another factor is being able to ask for forgiveness to God for things that have not gone well for you in your life as planned, and to be able to forgive yourself and others that may be holding you back in your ability to conquer the fear in your life.
Forgiveness is such a powerful force that can completely FREE you from you fear and release you from the bondage you are in.
You see, fear is really paying homage to the bondage that controls you and paralyzes you from taking action.
Forgiveness that is genuine and heartfelt frees you from this bondage.
FORGET: Another strong factor is not being able to forget your failures in the past and past fears that have controlled your life and have limited your aspirations up to this time.
You must be able to forget the past so as not to dwell on the past failures and fears of your life.
Your life is about the present and he now-not in the past.
FOCUS: Another important element is to focus on what you need to do, and act upon in pursuing your goals and dreams-not being limited about your past failures and fears in life.
Yesterday is a cancelled check-its history; tomorrow is a promissory note (tomorrow is not promised-its' Gods' will or not) and today is just cold cash-all you and I have for the moment is the NOW in our lives..
EMBRACE the Present: 10 percent of what happens to you in life-happens-90% is how you react to what happens to you.
ACCEPT Change: You need to accept the fact that there will be things, circumstances and events in our lives that will happen that you will have no control over.
You need to trust and have the faith in God to see you through to your destiny.
This is called growth.
We all go through this at times.
How can you and I ever grow if you are never tested in our lives? REFLECT and RESPOND: This is self explanatory but applies to circumstances and events in our personal development, goal setting process.
When you are tested outside your comfort zone when your tendency is fear and flight-trust God to give you the wisdom and discernment to teach you.

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