Conscious Effort - Subconscious Change - Making a Conscious Effort to Create a Subconscious Change

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Do you remember when you learned to drive a car or ride a bicycle? At first, it seemed like a difficult task.
You had to learn the basic procedures, requirements and theory.
Then, you needed to apply what you learned to practical application.
No matter how much you knew about driving or riding, you still had to put that knowledge into practical use, and apply the feeling part of it; that's the point where knowledge meets senses, and together, they give you the ability to maneuver the vehicle or the bicycle.
You were focused and absorbed by the learning process.
You were uninterrupted and determined that you would master the task.
With regular conscious repetitive practice, you pressed forward until you could drive that vehicle, even to the point of carrying on a conversation without thinking of what the next step was.
If you learned to drive a standard vehicle, you were automatically changing gears; gearing up from gear one to gear five.
The process became such a natural part of you, embedded and solidified in your subconscious mind.
Even if you had not driven and rode a bike for many years, that embedded memory would still kick in; maybe a little rusty on the application at first, but with a couple of practice runs, you'd be driving or riding like an expert.
Remember when you were a kid and they asked you what you wanted to be when you grew up? You were so full of hope, and you felt you could do anything.
Remember the feeling of that dream to be a firefighter, pilot, policeman, nurse or doctor? You pretended to be putting out fires with your imaginary water-filled hose; making gushing water sounds, adding effects and enhancing vivid images to liven and heighten the reality of that dream.
You made loud siren sounds, which made your parents scream at you; but you were having fun, you kept going and dreaming.
You saw yourself in that position doing exactly what you wanted to do, and you just couldn't wait to grow up.
To create long term permanent changes in our lives, we need to apply the same process to everything we undertake.
That's the power of change.
The procedure, however, doesn't only apply to physical tasks that we are trying to accomplish, but it also refers to emotional and thought changes we need to make, bringing about the desired attitude we want to change.
What type of person do you want to become? What kind of attitudes do you need to harness and portray? 1) Decision - taking the time to decide what you want.
2) Gather the necessary information and equipment needed to make that change; if required, training may be necessary.
3) Taking relevant action steps to apply the knowledge acquired and letting the senses, combined with the knowledge, become in sync.
4) Regular conscious consistent practice until the goal is reached and mastered, solidifying and imprinting this new goal in the subconscious memory.
5) You are now the expert at your desired task.
Repeating the same process over and over again, one task at a time will bring transformation and permanent change in your life, totally.

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